Sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants designed and constructed by our company have capacity ranging from 50 m3/day to several thousand m3/day which makes then useful for units such as villages, communes, small towns and localities up to several thousand people. Typical solutions involve ferroconcrete monolithic tanks with a diameter from several to several tens of meters. Ferroconcrete tanks' covers eliminate harmful impact on the enrironment and inhabitants of neighbouring treatment during winter. Such solutions do not require much space, are highly automatic with minimized operating personnel.

So far we have designed 25 objects. We built 11 of them basing on our personnel and equipment. Four of our objects were awarded by the Minister of the Envivonmental Resources Protection.

Sewage treatment technology used by our company is based on a method of activated sludge. Technological process takes place in SBR reactor where continuous flow reactor is replaced by cyclic reactor gradually retarded and filled. Tanks to this, there are several processes in one chamber.

We want to cooperate with investors builders and other companies so join us.

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